Strategies for Independence - A Guide for Parents of Autistic Teens and Young Adults

At Adulting on the Spectrum, we understand the unique challenges and joys of supporting teens and young adults on the autism spectrum. Our blog serves as a sanctuary for parents and caregivers, offering guidance and a partnership in navigating the journey of growth and self-discovery. We believe in the remarkable potential of each individual, and we’re here to share in the triumphs and trials that come with fostering independence and self-advocacy. By joining hands with us, you’re stepping onto a path filled with insightful resources, empathetic support, and the shared experiences of those who genuinely understand the spectrum of autism adulthood.

Self-Care Strategies for Parents of Teens and Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities during the Transition to Adulthood
Self-Care Strategies for Parents

Parenting a teen or adult with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) is rewarding and challenging. The transition can bring a whirlwind of emotions and stress...

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Adulting Life Skills Blog Post Transition to Adult Healthcare
Transition to Adult Healthcare

The move from pediatric to adult healthcare is a significant milestone for teenagers. However, when your child has intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), it becomes...

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Adulting Life Skills Resources Blog Post Transdisciplinary Team Approach
Transdisciplinary Team Approach

As a parent of a special needs adult child, I have navigated the labyrinthine challenges of helping my child attain greater independence. Whether deciphering the...

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Adulting Life Skills Resources Blog Post Independent Living Skills
Independent Living Skills

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a unique journey for individuals and their caregivers. It shapes how individuals communicate, interact, and learn. The challenge of teaching...

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Adulting Life Skills Resources Blog Post Employment Planning
Employment Planning

The journey towards meaningful employment for adults on the autism spectrum can be exciting and challenging. With proper employment planning, you can turn those aspirations...

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Adulting Life Skills Resources Blog Post Guardianship

As parents, we’ve watched our children grow and celebrate their milestones. And then, that moment arrives: their 18th birthday. Suddenly, they inherit all the legal...

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Adulting Life Skills Resources Blog Post Community Inclusion
The Power of Community Inclusion

Why is community inclusion vital in enhancing your child’s quality of life? We are wired for social connection. These connections are even more rewarding when...

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Adulting Life Skills Resources Blog Post Job Coach
Job Coach

It is natural for parents to want the best for their children, especially when it comes to their future careers.  Navigating the complex world of...

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Adulting Life Skills Resources Blog Post Special Needs Trust
Special Needs Trust

We’ve all encountered that “Uncle Jack” with the groundbreaking business idea that can’t fail. He claims it will revolutionize the world as we know it,...

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Adulting Life Skills Resources Blog Post Supported Living Coach
Supported Living Coach

For many parents, the transition to supported living for their adult child on the autism spectrum can feel like stepping into uncharted and slightly unnerving...

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Embarking on this journey with your loved one can unlock doors to personal achievements and milestones that resonate deeply within the heart of family life. Adulting on the Spectrum invites you to explore a world where the achievements of autistic teens and adults are celebrated and supported in full measure. Our commitment to providing a rich repository of knowledge and genuine companionship aims to light the way for meaningful adulting experiences. Witness the transformative power of our community as we guide, inspire, and uplift each other toward a future brimming with possibilities, autonomy, and the joy of achieving one’s fullest potential. Together, let’s celebrate every step towards independence and self-reliance, making every moment a testament to the incredible journey of growing up on the autism spectrum.