At Adulting on the Spectrum, we are dedicated to supporting individuals with autism on their journey toward greater independence at school, in the community, and at home. We provide interactive and practical resources that help teens and adults with autism become more self-reliant. We offer step-by-step life skills activities, free life skills video tutorials, and informative blog posts tailored to parents and caregivers.  Adulting on the Spectrum is your go-to site for practical and impactful tools that cover essential life skills.

Adulting Life Skills Resources for Teens and Adults, such as Career Resources, Independent Living Skills, Money Math Life Skills Worksheets and Finance Life Skills

Featured Life Skills Videos

Life Skills Video Tutorials: Our library of life skills videos is a valuable resource for individuals on the autism spectrum. These videos bring real-world experiences to life with age-appropriate graphics, making them an excellent fit for special education settings.

How to Fill Out a Job Application
How to fill out a job application is a life skills video designed to teach students about each section of a standard job application.

How to Create a Monthly Budget
How to create a monthly budget is a practical life skills resource video tutorial designed for autistic teens and adults.
How to Schedule an Appointment
How to schedule an appointment is a functional independent living skills resource for high school students and adults on the autism spectrum.
How to Create a Grocery Shopping List
How to create a grocery shopping list is a functional Special Education life skills resource video tutorial designed for autistic teens and adults.

Featured Life Skills Life Skills Activities

Interactive Life Skills Activities: Our carefully crafted activities are designed for teens and adults with autism and are ideal for life skills teachers, special education high school classrooms, adult autism life skill centers, individual therapy sessions (including ABA and speech therapy), and parents. These activities are written in clear and simple language, with questions and answers to reinforce learning and measure progress.

How to Read a Prescription Label is an interactive step-by-step life skills activity for teens that teaches students how to read a pill bottle, including medication warnings and drug interactions.

How to Create a Monthly Budget is a step-by-step life skills resource activity that teaches students to summarize their income, set savings goals, and identify monthly expenses.

How to Prepare for a Job Interview is a step-by-step special education life skills resource that covers everything from researching the company and position to anticipating interview questions and creating responses.

How to Dress for All Seasons and Occasions is a life skills activity that teaches high school students and young adults to choose appropriate clothing for each season and event.

Recent Blog Posts
Informed Blog Posts: Our blog caters to parents and caregivers of teens and adults with autism. We provide insights, guidance, and valuable information on various topics relevant to your unique journey. Explore our extensive collection of resources today and experience the transformative impact of Adulting Life Skills Resources. We believe that every step toward self-sufficiency and personal growth is a significant achievement, and Adulting Life Skills Resources is here to support you every step of the way.

Who Can Benefit from Adulting on the Spectrum Life Skills Resources?

Our resources are designed to benefit a wide range of individuals and professionals, including:
  • Teens and Adults with Autism: Empower yourself or your loved ones with the essential life skills needed for greater independence and self-sufficiency.
  • Life Skills Teachers: Enhance your teaching with our user-friendly activities that promote skill development. Incorporate our resources into your curriculum to create an enriching learning experience.
  • Adult Autism Life Skill Centers: Our materials are tailored to meet the unique needs of adults on the autism spectrum, making them a valuable addition to any life skills program.
  • Therapists: Whether you’re an ABA or speech therapist, our resources can be adapted to provide personalized support and growth.
  • Parents and Caregivers: Access our resources to support and empower your loved ones with autism on their journey toward independence.
Why Use Adulting Life Skills Resources?  Our commitment to fostering independence through interactive learning and real-world examples sets us apart. We understand the importance of age-appropriate graphics to enhance focus and curiosity among teens and adults with autism. Join us on the path toward unlocking greater independence and success for teens and adults on the autism spectrum.