Adulting on the Spectrum Life Skills Video Tutorials

Explore our extensive collection of life skills video tutorials, carefully designed to empower individuals with autism on their journey to independent living.  At Adulting Life Skills Resources, we recognize the distinctive challenges faced by those on the autism spectrum, and we’re here to help.  Discover a wide array of proven life skills videos thoughtfully created for teens and adults, providing them with the essential tools and confidence they need for a successful transition into adulthood.

How to Schedule an Appointment
Are you a high school life skills teacher or a parent of a young adult with autism? Then we have an excellent resource for you! Explore this informative video on ‘How to Schedule an Appointment,’ designed to empower high school students and young adults on the autism spectrum with essential life skills.

How to Create a Grocery Shopping List
If you’re a high school life skills teacher or a parent of a young adult with autism, you’ll want to access this helpful video! ‘How to Create a Grocery Shopping List’ is part of our collection of functional life skills videos tailored specifically for autistic teens and adults.

How to Complete a Job Application
Attention high school life skills teachers and adult autism life skills centers catering to young adults with autism, this video is tailored to your needs!  ‘How to Fill Out a Job Application’ is a specialized life skills video meticulously designed to teach students every aspect of a typical job application.

How to Create a Monthly Budget
Calling all high school life skills teachers! Access this essential video tutorial, ‘How to Create a Monthly Budget,’ tailored specifically for autistic teens and adults.  This comprehensive life skills resource contains crucial financial knowledge and practical budgeting skills.

How to Read a Pay Stub
Explore our instructive video tutorial, ‘How to Read a Pay Stub.’ This educational resource is designed to teach students the fundamentals of a standard pay statement. It’s an excellent tool for equipping teens and adults, including those on the autism spectrum, with essential life skills.

How to Respond When the Doorbell Rings
Explore our collection of life skills video tutorials, including ‘How to Respond When the Doorbell Rings.’ These videos are specifically crafted to teach essential safety skills for individuals staying home alone. These resources are invaluable tools for enhancing independence and safety.

How to Create Strong Passwords
How to Create Strong Passwords is an essential independent living skills video for high school students and adults on the autism spectrum.  This valuable life skills resource focuses on enhancing online security.  Discover it now to empower your students with critical digital skills.

How to Create an Emergency Exit Plan
This video tutorial teaches valuable skills, such as creating an emergency exit plan, including identifying primary and secondary exits, emergency exits, and safe locations.  Explore it now to help ensure the safety and preparedness of your loved ones.

The Value of a Bank Account
Our practical video tutorial delves into the importance of bank accounts, covering topics such as using debit cards, managing savings accounts, and understanding checking accounts.  Empower your students with vital financial knowledge by exploring this resource today.

How Credit Cards Work
How Credit Cards Work provides a basic understanding of credit card statements by reviewing their key fields. This essential life skills resource is explicitly designed for young adults on the autism spectrum. Equip your students with practical financial knowledge by exploring this resource now.

Choosing Adulting Life Skills Videos can transform how autistic individuals engage with essential life skills, providing them with the tools necessary for independence and success. Our video tutorials are not only informative but also engaging, designed to cater specifically to the unique learning styles of individuals on the autism spectrum. From personal safety to money management, our videos offer practical, step-by-step guidance that empowers viewers to navigate complex everyday situations with confidence and skill. For example, our personal safety videos teach essential skills for recognizing and responding to various situations, ensuring that individuals with autism can stay safe and secure in their environments.

In educational and therapeutic settings, our videos are equally transformative. High schools and adult special education programs can incorporate these resources into their curriculums to significantly enhance the educational experience of students with autism, providing them with relevant skills that promote financial independence and career readiness. Furthermore, Autism Life Skill Centers will find our specialized videos an invaluable addition to their programs, tailored to meet the specific needs of their participants. For therapists, including BCBAs and speech therapists, our videos complement one-on-one therapy sessions by reinforcing key concepts and skills, ensuring a holistic approach to development that is both comprehensive and engaging.