How to Read a Basic Pay Stub - An Adulting Life Skills Resources Video

Introducing our “How to Read a Pay Stub Life Skills” video tutorial! This video is here to help students, especially adults and teens with autism, learn an important skill: understanding a pay stub.
Inside, you’ll find clear instructions on how to read the information on a pay stub. This video covers how to identify and calculate your earnings, deductions, taxes, gross pay, and net pay. It’s designed for special education classrooms.
Whether you’re a student or an adult, we know you might need some extra support, and that’s why we created this video. It’s perfect for people who want to develop vocational skills.
With our “How to Read a Pay Stub Life Skills” video, you’ll gain the knowledge and confidence you need to understand your earnings and finances. Start learning this important skill today and become more independent in managing your money!

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