Free Life Path Template for Adults with Intellectual Developmental Disability

Free Life Path Template for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities

Unlock a brighter future with Adulting on the Spectrum Free Life Path template, specially crafted for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Key Features

Completely free to download, get instant access to this worksheet.
This personalized planning tool is designed to support individuals in mapping out their goals and aspirations, paving the way for a fulfilling life journey.
Tailored to assist in visualizing and achieving personal, educational, and vocational goals, promoting a sense of direction and purpose.
Specially crafted to support adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in mapping out their life goals and milestones.
Facilitates personal growth, independence, and planning for future achievements in a supportive and structured manner.
A user-friendly format, making it easy to fill out and personalize for individual paths and objectives.

Why Use
This is perfect for parents and caregivers of teens and adults with autism and related intellectual and developmental disabilities.

How to Use
No prep is required. Just print and fill out the form.

PDF, Portrait Orientation, 8.5″ x 11″ Letter

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